Danielle Song
Danielle is all about systems and processes that serve people. She is currently part of the Talent team at Huge Inc., standardizing internal processes, working on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and championing structured hiring. A lifelong artist who always saw design as an enigma, she is thrilled to have begun to understand and apply design principles. In her free time she loves drawing people, re-watching her favorite shows, and talking about storytelling with friends.
Project Name: Atealier tea | Website: daniellesong.com
Jackie Saltzman
Jackie Saltzman is a graphic designer with a background in illustration based in the NYC metro area. Her work is focused on packaging and brand identity.
Project Name: Music Posters | Website: hypersphere-tunny-24r5.squarespace.com | Instagram: @jackiesaltzman
Sofia Jofre
I am a designer currently based in New York. After graduating from Skidmore College with a degree in American Studies in 2019, I genuinely had no idea what I wanted to do until I found Shillington. With a particular interest in UI/UX design, I am excited to enter the professional world of graphic design!
Project Name: Dept of Labor | Website: sofiajofre.com 
Christen Rhody
Hi! My name is Christen Rhody, and I am a graphic designer and music enthusiast based in NYC. Originally from New Orleans, I am inspired to use its influence to stay curious and stretch my imagination beyond what I think is possible- if you've been there, you know what I mean. I look forward to helping others share their visions and stories in my new career.
Project Name: Myriad | Website: rhodydesignsthis.com | Instagram: @rhodydesignsthis
Anna Rodríguez
I’m Anna, a graphic designer and native New Yorker, I enjoy traveling and being inspired by different cultures. With my newly trained design eye I hope to bring more color to my community and the world through branding, web design and personal projects.
Project Name: Music app | Website: annadelaluz.com | Instagram: @annadelaluz
Jessica Fabiola Jasso
Who is Jess Jasso? She's a Chemist turned Gemologist, turned Graphic Designer. Originally from San Diego, Jess moved to NYC and has been traveling the world alone—until, of course, a pandemic shut down the world. Now, she does Graphic Design driven by color and inspired by her travels abroad. You should check out her stuff.
Project Name: House of Dummies | Website: jfjasso.myportfolio.com
Trevor Joyce
Trevor is a social media marketing specialist by day and originally from Long Island, NY. He is passionate about brand identity work, creative strategy, and illustration. He is particularly interested in designing for the food and hospitality industry in the (more normal) future, as he also loves cooking, natural wine, and the NYC restaurant scene.
Project Name: Op.Co | Website: trevorjoyce.design
Maria Ahmad
Maria Ahmad is an editor-turned-designer based in Brooklyn. She settled in New York after several years living in Houston and Beijing. Maria has always had a deep love of fine arts and painting, but graphic design has pushed her to think creatively in an entirely new way. She enjoys being immersed in a creative project and can’t wait to start on her next one.
Project Name: Babel | Website: mariaahmad.design | Instagram: @mariadesignnyc
Maria Galindo
Maria is a graphic designer and branding consultant. She was born in Colombia and raised in South Florida. While currently living in Brooklyn, Maria is a nomad at heart. Like most Brooklynites, she loves kombucha and like most Floridinas, she’s happiest in the sunshine.
Project Name: Wellness app | Website: hellomargal.cargo.site
Danka Vujovic
Danka is a graphic designer, sinologist and travel enthusiast living in New York City. She’s passionate about creating bold, meaningful and clean designs tailored to each client’s ideas and needs. Her work is driven by conceptual thinking and she loves creating designs that are filled with personality and individuality. After several years of living in Asia and NYC and traveling the world, she finds her inspiration in different cultures and environments and incorporates them into her own design process.
Project Name: Olea | Website: dnk.studio | Instagram: @dnk_studio
Ashley Suh
Howdy! My name is Ash Suh and I am a Korean-American illustrator/graphic designer based in Brooklyn, New York. I studied double bass in college and have a background in arts marketing. After dramatically abandoning my non-existent music career to pursue my passion for graphic design at Shillington, I developed a love for creative concepts and imaginative problem solving. In my free time, you can find me reading graphic novels, stitching up my latest cosplay, or perfecting my Animal Crossing island.
Project Name: Tempo | Website: ashsuh.com
Janese Dorilas
I am a New York based creative operations and brand marketing consultant, with experience working on both the client- and agency-side. My passion for the creative process is inspired by the journey that takes a concept from ideation through to activation. My role allows me to collaborate with clients, strategists, design teams and developers to create and support cohesive visual expressions.
Project Name: Expedition Tea Company | Instagram: @janesedorilas
Mina Tung
Mina is a New York based creative project manager by day and a graphic designer by night. This just means that she’s very big on deadlines and is a stickler for alignment. Driven by her love of lettering, typography, and graphics, she hopes to add some fun and playfulness into her designs. In her spare time, Mina loves playing with her dog, traveling to different countries, and lettering on her iPad.
Project Name: Belif | Website: minatung.com | Instagram: @designwithmina
Karamvir Bhatti
Karamvir is a native NYer that found her love for graphic design while working for a non-profit. She is currently does design work for her coffee shop called The Hill.
Project Name: Garden Ritual | Website: karamvir.co | Instagram: @thehillcoffeeshop
Olivia Smith
Hello, I'm Olivia—Graphic Designer & daydreamer, based in Brooklyn, NY. I came to Shillington with a foundation of hand-made illustration, seeking to expand my creativity in the digital realm of graphic design. With an educational background in social justice, and professional background in early-childhood education, I am passionate about changing thinking through impactful visual narratives. My work is situated in playfulness and empowerment.
Project Name: SMOI museum | Website: oliviasmith.design | Instagram: @l_olli_pop
Yidun Ouyang
Yidun Ouyang is a graphic designer based in New York City. After completing her bachelor's degree in economics and social entrepreneurship at NYU, she decided to take a gap year to learn graphic design and explore new possibilities. Since she is also a passionate scuba diver, during the pandemic, Yidun has shifted from exploring the ocean to building nano aquascape in her urban home.
Project Name: Period | Website: designbyoyyd.com| Instagram: @yidun_ouyang
Hallie Heald
Hallie Heald is a freelance book illustrator and portrait painter in New York with an eye for color and detail. 41 Reasons I’m Staying In, is her first book to write and second to illustrate. Heald was born a lone introvert in a family of nine kids, and spent her days painting and listening to audiobooks, years later she’s doing the same thing in a different room. Her work can also be found in The Women Who Made New York and has been featured in The New York Times, NY Mag, The Cut, The Voice, Elle, and Brain Pickings.
Project Name: Adaptation wines | Website: hehdesignsny.com | Instagram: @hehyea

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