Amber Della Piazza
Amber Della Piazza is a New York based designer. Originally having studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology she began a career in the fashion industry. After years of working in retail and wholesale Amber took the plunge going back to school at Shillington to broaden her horizons and pursue her dream of creating and working in the wonderful world of design. In her free time Amber can be found tie dying everything that is not nailed down, working on her mixology skills and perfecting her putting game.
Project Name: Campy Pale Ale | Website:  | Instagram: @amberdellapiazza_design
Angelica Ambriz
Before Shillington, Angelica, a California native, really enjoyed teaching young children. She loved being able to create environments where children could learn and use their imagination and creativity to thrive. After four years of teaching, she decided to finally listen to her intuition and pursue graphic design, her true passion. Fast forward nine months of learning and living through a pandemic in New York, Angelica is confident she is on the right path. Through Shillington she has learned the necessary skills she hoped to achieve in order to move forward with her plan. More than ever she is ready to embark on her career as a graphic designer, where she can use her skills, imagination and creativity to take on new challenges.
Project Name: Powerhouse Fuel | Website: | Instagram: @ambriz.designs
Christine Im
Christine Im studied literature and creative writing, but was always lurking around the design department of her office building and bothering other designers. Eventually she realized it was because she wanted to design. Storytelling is important to Christine and the more mediums she has to express with, the happier she is. She is particularly interested in branding, packaging, and UI/UX. She is based in New York City and is excited to take on new projects.
Project Name: Away | Website: | Instagram: @cimmers
Blanca Guevara
Growing up in NYC has taught me many things. One, the city will always be my home. No matter how much I want to leave at times. Two, you will always find inspiration almost anywhere you go. Three, it does not matter when you start or finish new chapters in your life; this city will always have new opportunities like completing my career path as a graphic designer at Shillington.
Project Name: Bushwick Block Party | Website: 
Emily Chi
Emily is a graphic designer, professional enthusiast, and collector of hobbies and things. She's passionate about beautiful typography and design in film and television.
Project Name: Amulet Whiskey| Website:
Jules Espero
Jules is an artist and designer from the west coast. She graduated from Stanford University in 2018 with a degree in Urban Studies. As a designer and practicing artist, she’s inspired by innovating and bringing ideas to life. Through Shillington her focus has been on branding and UI/UX across print and digital products. If you feel inspired by her work, please feel free to reach out; she’s currently open for collaborations and design bookings.
Project Name: Wellness App | Website:
Ayelet Pinto Kalo
Ayelet, Born and raised in Israel, currently living in Jersey City. Becoming a graphic designer has always been my passion and I couldn’t rest until I achieved it. My previous experience includes working at a print production company, as an assistant manager, and as a childcare provider. In my free time I like to: 1. cook 2. cuddle my dog, and 3. Make lists. I love to take inspiration from nature and its beautiful shapes and colors. When it comes to designing, I believe in exploring and experimenting.
Project Name: Bushwick Festival​​​​​​​ | Website: | Instagram: @ayeletpk
Jyllian Aguilar
Jyllian explored many careers before design. In college she chose nursing but ended up doing everything but study for exams. During clinicals, instead of helping the nurse examine patients, Jyllian would examine the blank walls and wonder if painting it a fun color might actually benefit the health of patients. She quit nursing to channel her empathy in a new way--through design. She has a pounding curiosity that contributes to her evolving taste but it will always be rooted through the idea that great design directly affects human emotion and is powerful enough to change a person's point of view.
Project Name: Virtual Festival | Website: |  Instagram:​​​​​​​
Billy Ray Morgan
Billy Morgan is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and fabricator based in New York City. Recent exhibitions include TIMBER! Curated by Hannah Martin, Wanted Design, Brooklyn, (2019), The Least Orthodox Goddess IV curated by Jasmine Wahi, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, Brooklyn (2018), Out of Line, Long Gallery, Harlem (2018), Out of Step, Living Gallery, Brooklyn (2017), and Architectural Digest Made Show, New York City (2017), and forthcoming exhibition at the Bronx Museum, NY (2021). Clients include Charlap Hyman & Herrero, One Hotel, New York City, ATM, Jack Daniels, Game of Thrones, Google, Inc., Prada, and Public School.
Project Name: Erno| Website: | Instagram: @billyramerica
Jalyn Gould
Jalyn grew up on a small farm in central Kansas. After continuously working unfulfilling office jobs, she made her way to New York to pursue a more creative career path which is what lead her to enroll in the graphic design course at Shillington. She has always been passionate about creating, whether it be through illustrations, acting, and now graphic design with the skills she has acquired through the program. In her free time, she likes to draw, play the guitar, run around the park, and hang out with cats.
Project Name: Fictitious Reflections | Website:
Justin Huff
Hey! My name is Justin. I’ve been a designer since I refused to use Comic Sans on my 5th-grade book report. After 13 years of senior creative project management in the entertainment industry, I’ve spent the last few years in marketing and program development for a non-profit. I am without a doubt someone who values detail and organization (just ask my husband and four-year-old son). My natural talent lies in thinking outside the box while respecting its existence. It’s why design excites me. And I never ever miss an Apple keynote.
Project Name: Pedally | Website: | Instagram: @JustEnufDesign
Jessica Leibowitz
Hi, i’m Jess! New York based graphic designer with a passion for the visually stimulating. After making the jump this fall to finally pursue my dream of turning my creativity into work, I am very excited to start using my new skill set. I have a keen interest in branding as well as editorial projects, feel free to say hi!
Project Name: Conspiracy Roasters | Website: | Instagram: @jessica.j.leibowitz
Natalia Vilela
Natalia Vilela is a Latinx individual with a longtime interest in community-empowering initiatives and graphic design. Based in Long Beach, NY, she currently works towards both of these interests as the Communications Assistant at Justice in Motion, where she’s helped design publications and social media assets for the Brooklyn-based migrant rights nonprofit over the past two years. She’s excited to implement the skills and techniques she’s learned at Shillington to refine her work—both personal and in the workplace—in the years to come.
Project Name: Un Dos Tres | Website: | Instagram: @nataliamvilela
Kevin Lapsley
Kevin Lapsley is a visual artist, photographer, cinematographer and designer based out of the New Jersey/NYC area. Kevin has worked with Barneys NYC, Marc Jacobs, Jameson among many others and is eager to get his hands on all things creative.
Project Name: A24 Anywhere | Website: | Instagram: @kevinlapsley_
Liza Cichowski
Liza Cichowski is a marketing consultant with over 10 years of experience working for New York-based tech startups. She has wanted to study graphic design for her entire career. With her Shillington training, she aims to combine her writing background with her new design skills to create complete content experiences for all types of clients.
Project Name: Animal Care Center of NYC | Website:
Sean Suozzi
Sean Suozzi, 39, was born in Glen Cove, NY and moved to New York City at 16 to study at The School of American Ballet. After three years of training, he was offered a contract with New York City Ballet and was promoted to soloist in 2007. Sean is also a filmmaker—his film NY EXPORT: OPUS JAZZ premiered at SXSW in 2010 and aired nationally on PBS later that year. He has always loved design and feels extremely grateful to have spent the past 9 months learning at Shillington
Project Name: Freddy Wine| Website: | Instagram: @seansuozzi
Luke Dawson
I’m Luke Dawson, a designer based in New York. Passionate about craft, I bring elements of play and the human hand to my design solutions. In my free time, I enjoy collecting tiny objects, learning origami and fashion history.
Project Name: Vertical Magazine | Website: 
Madi Berse
Madi is a strategic thinker and passionate creative who decided to pursue graphic design after working in digital media for 4+ years. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where she studied both Art & Design and Business. She loves to test and explore her many creative outlets, which include painting, drawing, photography, writing, playing piano, curating gallery walls, and interestingly enough, putting things together (think IKEA furniture). She looks forward to combining her new design skillset with her background in business and artistic passions.
Project Name: Doze| Website: | Instagram: @madebymads_
Volodymyr Symchuk
Hi everyone, I’m Volodik, a graphic designer based in Brooklyn. Creativity has always been a place where I could find joy and fulfillment. Once I asked myself, "What if my creative skills will help someone express one’s identity or grow one’s business?" Thanks to its professional staff, I found the answer in Shillington and now I am ready to make my contribution in the design world.
Project Name: Find Out Snack Bar| Website: | Instagram:
Mariana Rincon
Mariana is a digital graphic designer. She graduated with a BA in advertising from Boston University and moved to NYC in 2017. Mariana has a talent for expanding suitcases beyond original capacity and is only greedy for spring rolls.
Project Name: Figures | Website: 
Michelle Sweet
Hi! I’m Michelle—a NYC based graphic designer, with over 6 years of demonstrated history working in the fashion industry. I am excited and eager to contribute my technical background, eye for design and attention to detail to create innovative digital assets.
Project Name: Iraha-T Tea | Website:
Nneka Njoku
Born in Nigeria and based in New York City by way of Trinidad, Scotland, and Minnesota, I create as a way to bridge the gap between the realms of mind, spirit, and emotion. My mission as a multidisciplinary artist is to stay playfully curious, empower, and spark remembrance, healing, and introspection. I exist because they did.
Project Name: Legacy Magazine | Website: | Instagram: @nneka_nj

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