Olivia Naden

Since graduating with a degree in business management, Olivia’s professional path so far has been defined by a savvy marketer-first mindset combined with natural creative flair. Shillington has since elevated her creative approach – both in terms of programme utilisation and understanding of how conceptual thinking transcends through design. Olivia is always willing to innovate.

Communicating ideas collaboratively, with the ability to strategise and research in a considered manner. She tackles every brief with genuine empathy for both the client and the end user.

When she’s not designing, you can find her enjoying a pub walk with a furry companion!
Project Name: Soap Box Gin Packaging | Website: olivianaden.com | Instagram: @olivianadendesigns
Kate Janeva

Kate is a Manchester-based presentation designer whose work is concept-driven and captures the personality of any brand. She is low-key obsessed with motion and UI/UX design. Apart from all things design Kate also loves reading and is quite partial to a good TV series to binge watch.
Project Name: Museum of Bread & Art Rebrand | Website: katejaneva.co.uk | Instagram: ​​​​​​​@janeva.design
Carl McBride

Carl is a grafter and hard-working graphic designer based in Manchester, UK. He has a love for branding, typography, digital design and good coffee. He is always striving to create work that combines strategic design with compelling visuals, and attention to detail. If you would like to work together, or talk about his work, feel free to get in touch...
Project Name: Buon Vino Campaign | Website: carlmcbride.com | Instagram: @carlmcbride
Jessica Mosoph

Jessica is a graphic designer based in Manchester. She began with a degree in Fine Art, her flair for colour and intrigue with typography paved her route into the design world. Jessica is always open to exciting opportunities and up for the absurd, which has led to an open mind, plenty of anecdotes and a strong understanding of the importance of storytelling.

Project Name: Successfully Slow Gardening & Wellbeing Campaign | Website: mosophdesign.com | Instagram: @mosophdesign
Iain North

Iain is a Manchester based guitar enthusiast, scuba diving fanatic and design devotee who was probably a cat in a previous life. He was 10 years a bar slave, has a degree in Fine Art but has since seen the light and now has a new-found passion for typography, branding and illustration. He believes in designing for the world we wish to live in.
Project Name: Dr Roman's Kombucha Packaging | Website: iainnorth.design | Instagram: @iainnorth.design
Joanna Gence

Originally from Reunion Island, Joanna is a French graphic designer always looking for new ways to challenge herself and refine her skills. Passionate about languages and travel, she has a Master's Degree in International Project Management and has lived in various countries before coming to Manchester to pursue her passion for design. When Joanna isn't in front of her computer, she can be found taking photos, listening or taking part in podcasts and doodling on her sketchbook.
Project Name: Vinted Fashion Campaign | Website: joannagence.com | Instagram: @joannagence
Amarildo Canga

Amarildo Canga is passionate about design.

Fuelled by his love for learning, his already vast skillset within design continuously grows. Viewing every challenge as an opportunity to develop, he considers himself a “forever student”.

Eager to build upon his knowledge and stay in tune with the latest brand strategies by continuing to apply himself within contemporary design practice and professional development.

With a hunger for knowledge, determination and passion all key to personal and professional development combined with organisation, Amarildo has the qualities for success in graphic design.

Currently looking for a junior designer position in Manchester. Reach out- info@amarildocanga.com
Project Name: Charki Jerky Packaging | Website: amarildocanga.com | Instagram: @amarildo.design
Amy Georgette

Amy is a graphic designer and English graduate based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She discovered her love of design through marketing and intends to use her talents as a creative storyteller to push for positive change. Amy loves the concept development process and the buzz that comes with having too many ideas, and not enough space in her sketchbook! She has a keen interest in branding and UX/UI design, and is currently enjoying experimenting with illustration and animation.
Project Name: Pregnant Then Screwed Campaign | Website: amyg.design | Instagram: @amyg.design
Natty Moore

Natty Moore is a Manchester based illustrator and graphic designer. She is currently managing a creative team at design agency, BrightCarbon.

When she isn't drawing, she's usually reading a novel, obsessing over interior design, walking her two dogs or re-watching Mad Men.

Project Name: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath Handmade Book Cover | Website: nattymoore.uk
Hope Selig

Meet Hope. A Canadian born, day dreaming, pun enthusiast. Hope has always enjoyed letting her mind wander, coming up with new ideas to make life more functional and beautiful. Because of her curious mind, Hope has always excelled in the arts (a gene surely passed down to her from her father), but also in science. Before Shillington, Hope studied biology for 4 years before discovering that her true calling was graphic design. Now a graduate of her dream college, Hope HOPES to land a Junior Graphic Designer position to apply and grow her skills :)
Project Name: Lonely Mothers Unite Campaign | Website: hopeselig.design | Instagram: @hopeselig.design
Dipen Pun

Dipen Pun started Shillington with a mixture of self-taught skills, expanding to a broad catalogue of in-depth knowledge in both theory and practical aspects of graphic design. He has a tremendous amount of passion for art and design as he delves into creativity outside of Shillington as well. He appreciates the finer details and the process behind each design and continues to seek growth and improvement. Dipen is very keen and excited for what's to come ahead as a graphic designer!

 Name: 3-Zone Children's Museum Rebrand | Website: dipendesign.com
Federica Maddaluno

Meet Federica. When studying New Technologies of Art at university, stemmed her passion for art and design where she founded a great interest in graphic design. Federica enjoys pizza (without pineapple), graphic novels as well as taking photos.

Project Name: Persona Eyewear Branding & Packaging| Website: federica-maddaluno.com | Instagram: @effemadd
Abigail Evans

Leeds born, Manchester based, Abigail is a graphic designer with a passion for painting and a penchant for plants. Abigail has great attention to detail, which stems from her degree in Fine Art, and a key interest in brand identity development; sparked by her time at Shillington. She enjoys establishing concepts and stories to push ideas and creates work that is full of colour. An enthusiast for all kinds of visual communication, Abigail has recently furthered her interest and love for digital illustration. Abigail is happiest when she is being creative and can’t wait to see what doors Shillington will open for her.

Project Name: Union Street Soap Packaging | Website: abigailevans.design | Instagram: @evans.a.e
Alexandra Pollitt

Alexandra originally graduated with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from Huddersfield University in 2016. Before arriving at Shillington Alexandra worked as a chef, so it’s no surprise she excels under pressure in noisy environments (and won’t deny a post-work pint).

Currently based in Chester but eager for fresh challenges in new cities. Alexandra displays a keen interest in UX/UI design. Having prior experience in fast-paced consumer facing roles Alex finds enjoyment in seeking serendipity amidst chaos. She now tries to recreate these moments within her briefs.
Project Name: Cup Noodles Museum Rebrand | Website: alexandrapollitt.com | Instagram: @docu_alexa
Meg Robinson

Ever since Meg was little, she was drawn to creating with any materials she could get her hands on, this led her to studying special effects in university. Meg has always been a very curious individual of the big wide world - the different countries, cultures, food & people. Before Shillington, Meg was working in Niseko, Japan at a ski resort where she was snowboarding down mountains everyday until she saw an advertisement for the college that inspired her to switch gears and go after the creative career she’s always dreamed of.
Project Name: Amplitude Magazine Editorial | Website: megrobinson.design  | Instagram: @meg.robdesign

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