Brie Polley

Brie is a London born and bred 80s' baby. She's spent most of her career working in visual merchandising and retail, which makes her a sucker for packaging design and branding. She is a graphic designer who loves colour, bold typography and teamwork. In her spare time she enjoys street photography, a decent whisky and is determined to learn how to knit her own jumpers. She drinks way too much coffee and usually has her best 'tone of voice' ideas at 11pm.
Project Name: Dotty Bike Share Identity | Website: | Instagram: @briepolley
Manon Prost

Manon is a graphic designer and illustrator based in sunny London, UK.

Born and raised in Marseille, France – she’s been a fierce Londoner since 2017.

After spending 5 years working as a project manager in various digital companies and studios, she decided to embrace her passion for design and branding. Manon is now looking for a job in a cool design studio.

Outside of design, Manon has a contagious unconditional love for dogs and enjoys a creamy flat white while exploring London with her 35mm camera. She also used to be a huge gig lover before Covid ruined the party but she's got some good playlists to recommend.
Project Name: Peanut Better Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @manonanyway
Bryony Fulton

Bryony is a Graphic designer with a passion for good design and good coffee. Looking to forge her own creative path in the world of branding. She is seeking new and challenging opportunities to further grow in her design career.
Project Name: London Anti-Fashion Week Campaign Website | Website: | Instagram: @eyemadestudio
Rita Cottone

Rita is a London-based creative with an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute and a PGCE in Art & Design. Since graduating she has worked in the art industry and art education, keeping up with her passion for illustration and design alongside this. Last year she was part of a group art exhibition, showcasing her illustrations of people in the city. Rita’s passion in graphic design stems for her love of problem solving. She loves the process of researching and coming up with new concepts and is particularly interested in combining technology and creativity to achieve innovative user experiences.
Project Name: Northstar Music Venue Start-Up Identity | Website: | Instagram:
Elisa Novellini

Elisa is a photographer, art director and graphic designer based in London. She studied illustration and ancient graphic arts in Florence, Italy, before moving to England few years ago to pursue a creative career in media. Her journey took a long turnaround and brought her working first in fine dine kitchens then in world leading e-commerce studios. Always chasing a way to express her creativity and ideas Elisa has shape her world around her passions which includes classical music, dance, theatre and creative writing, all disciplines that she has herself experienced through the years.
Project Name: Magnum Redemption Branding | Website:
Rachel Carr
Having previously studied science, Rachel discovered graphic design through creating posters and banners (by hand and digitally) for activist groups she has been involved in. Her style is bold and concept-led. She loves impactful typography, a strong colour palette and a good texture, which you’ll see reflected in her work.
 Professionally, Rachel has worked in digital communications for a few years, currently working for the Human Rights organisation Liberty. Rachel dreams of moving to a big house in the middle of nowhere with 20+ friends, to make furniture and grow vegetables. Seriously, she won’t shut-up about it.
Project Name: Mardi Gras Festival Identity | Website: | Instagram: @rachel_voiture
Jasper Wilson

Jasper has a background in art, having studied it at Chelsea College and worked in the industry for over 5 years at art shipping companies, galleries and an auction house. Aside from art and design he's really into music and sporadically play guitar in two bands. When Jasper's not being creative you'll find him doing outdoorsy things like cycling and occasionally skiing. His dream is to live the good life, grow his own veg and work as a designer.
Project Name: After the Party by The Menzingers Handmade Album Cover | Website:
Alice Chandler

A recent psychology graduate, Alice is interested in how design can change behaviour and how we can move culture to slow consumption and a circular economy. She decided on Shillington after realising creativity was missing in her life having previously done an art foundation (before uni). Tending towards Jill of all trades, Alice is enthused by the idea of learning many skills and softwares. 

Reading about art (Dali's autobiography is a mind-bender) or how ‘the internet is not the answer’ was life before. But since lockdown, she lives in dungarees growing vegetables.
Project Name: Capra Goat Ice Cream Branding | Website: | Instagram: @itsanallusion
Maria Goustas

Maria’s route to graphic design started with her backgrounds in Architecture and Interiors. Both these fields pushed her to explore her love of problem solving and the process of conceptualising ideas into reality. Her aim is to create purposeful and thought-provoking design, particularly enjoying the branding and identity process.
Project Name: FuseFold Streetwear Start-Up Identity | Website:| Instagram: @_mpgdesign
Francesca Hopwood

Francesca is a London based graphic designer who understands how important first glances are. With over 10 years experience working in Children’s publishing in buying and key account manager roles, most recently looking after Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, she is acutely aware of how consumers engage and buy products on the exterior package alone.

She loves the art of storytelling, whether it be on page, screen or through music and particularly loves the visual language graphic design allows to bring ideas to life. She is not afraid to use pink.
Project Name: Hêlo Aer Airline Identity | Website:
Ania Karolina Kedzia

Ania would describe herself as an empathic, reflective and insightful person. After having worked in education, commercial banking, hospitality and administration, Ania fully embraced her creative talents and moved into the world of graphic design. Her work is born out of her desire to explore the depths of her subject matter and, of course, her love for strong, black coffee. Ania feels drawn to the inspiration coming from observing the emotions and interactions of people, the sun, lettering and illustration. Her favourite medium is watercolour and in her spare time you might find her dancing in someone’s kitchen.
Project Name: Salute Your Skin Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @aniakarolina.k
Pauline Bertho
Pauline is a junior graphic designer based in London. Although she loves this city, her heart belongs to her native France. She loves bold typography and bright "in your face" colours. She hasn't had a typical journey in graphic design, she was a travel agent, an event coordinator and lastly a waitress, which, hopefully, will be over once she found her dream job as a graphic designer (fingers crossed/wish her good luck).
Project Name: Psychelia Hemp Infused Olive Oil Packaging | Website: | Instagram:
Tamara Manahan

Tamara graduated in Mass Comms & Cultural studies many moons ago, specialising in Branding during her final year. Fascinated with applying sociology and psychology to marketing and art, she spent much of her career working in various marketing and events agencies feeling like something was missing. After having a baby, she took the plunge during her maternity leave to finally pursue the practical side of her love of branding and visual marketing - to hopefully show her son that its never too late. She loves pub gardens, making Spotify playlists, playing backgammon and knows all the words to Peppa Pig songs.
Project Name: Flexi Mama Campaign | Website:
Wendy Windmill

When Wendy was three she fell in love with scissors. They were her favourite thing and she would spend far too long snipping everything. This included putting a frill on her best Sunday dress. Now she is a grown-up with a cat, a husband a dad and two children in her life. But they don't see much of her. She has fallen in love with the clipping-mask tool in Illustrator... (it gives her a frill).

Project Name: Pat Pet Sitting Start Up Identity | Website:
Monira Meah

Monira is a junior designer from London. She studied Advertising and Design at Ravensbourne University, which helped discover her interest in design. She then studied at the London College of Communication and Shillington to further her design skills and finesse her process. She is a lover of typography, Swiss design and all things abstract.
Project Name: Side Burns Gender Neutral Shaving Branding | Website:
Charlotte Neve

Charlotte gained her illustration degree from the Cambridge School of Art but soon found a yearning for graphic design and the endless delights of creative problem solving! Originally from London, she moved to the North Norfolk coast where her love for nature and wildlife grew, whilst also influencing her illustration work. After working freelance whilst simultaneously working in the service industry for many years, saving for the course she finally took the plunge and enrolled at Shillington - a decision she describes as “one of the most rewarding she has ever made”. Embracing her previous pitfalls as well as her many successes with a positive mindset, Charlotte is always eager to learn and grow. 

When she’s not designing she enjoys a good stroll along Norfolk's beautiful beaches.
Project Name: Oxee Bike Share App | Website: | Instagram: @charlotteneve_design
Kaja Kusak

With a background in psychology and data management, Kaja has worked in quite a few different jobs. Art and design have however always been an important part of her life. Last couple of years she's spent gaining more knowledge and skills to become a graphic designer and illustrator. Prior to Shillington, Kaja completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. She loves drawing, singing, traveling, getting angry at British and Polish politics, cats, goats, beer and spending time with friends and family, over a pint of beer preferably.
Project Name: Spark Candle Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @kaja.kusak
Filipa Moreira 

A daydreamer who finds joy in digital collage, visual communication and UI. A background in tech support translated into curiosity for human computer interaction - empathy is her superpower, and user experience the core of her interests. Currently working in resource planning for retail operations, enhancing brand experience for customers and teams.

She is into post-punk, psychedelic rock, cyberpunk novels and platform games.
Project Name: Tempo Magazine Editorial | | Instagram: @filipa_design
Samantha Solly

Sam is a graphic designer, illustrator and artiste based in London. Her love of design stems from the influences she sees around her, from countries and their culture, to art forms, movements and the social dynamics that are interwoven between them rendering a deeper meaning.The power of word play and aesthetics are the heart of Sam’s design approach as she continuously strives to marry the two together in her work.
Project Name: SKAAL Swedish Cocktail & Sweets Bar Branding | | Instagram: @gramanthasolly2.0

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