Ruth Brooks​​​​​​​

Ruth is a graphic designer with over eight years experience working in publishing. She was first introduced to the world of graphic design whilst working at Hoxton Mini Press and has been a bit obsessed ever since. Ruth enjoys the challenge of thinking creatively to come up with ideas and loves getting stuck into brand identities, packaging concepts and editorial projects. She also likes nicely printed things.
Project Name: Own Start-Up Identity | Website: | Instagram: @ruthbrooksdesign
Katie Vicary​​​​​​​
Katie’s road to becoming a designer has taken a few(!) detours. After switching from an Illustration BA, she graduated with a degree in Spanish and Italian, then briefly worked in translation in London and Madrid. This led her into advertising as an account manager, before going freelance to focus on forging a creative career and on personal projects. All of these experiences have shaped her approach as a designer. She makes expressive, experimental work while making sure to translate her ideas in the best way. She loves a good branding project and can’t wait to begin life as a designer.
Project Name: Gnosis Start-Up Identity | Website: | Instagram: @katiev_icary
Hannah Phillips
Hannah was ushered down an academic route from a young age – she was instructed to forgo creative subjects in favour of ‘sensible’ ones, and she is still not over it. She studied English Literature at Cambridge, and became an arts and culture editor. After realising there was a job that combined her love for visual art, communication and cool hats, she retrained in graphic design.

Hannah is fascinated by the intersection of research, text and concept, and loves the multifaceted nature of the discipline. She is thrilled to have found a career that constantly challenges her to learn and improve.
Project Name: Koi Tears Soap Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @hannahphdesign
Tom Peskett

Tom is a London based creative with an eclectic background in PR, urban planning, photography and now…. graphic design. He approaches design with a strong sense of direction and attention to detail carrying through projects from ideation to execution while staying true to the brand’s core ideas. Tom is passionate about bringing together simple graphics, photography and type to create striking visual solutions with a unique style.
Project Name: Macmillan Space Centre Identity | Website: | Instagram: @tompeskettdesign
Naomi Satoh
Naomi Satoh is a graphic designer from Tokyo, Japan. She believes that good graphic design not only helps people communicate their idea and concept effectively but also brings joyful to their lives. Naomi loves to use a range of colours and illustrations throughout her design.
Project Name: Lakshtea Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @naomisatoh_design
Sapna Halai
Before graduating from Shillington Education, Sapna worked as an engineer addressing sustainability in the built environment. She thought Shillington would help her develop the skills to enhance her infographics at work, presenting “boring” information in an exciting way.

In the process, she discovered graphic design is a whole new way of problem solving and the beginnings of a creative career she didn’t know she needed. Her designs are full of energy and always have a thread of environmental issues running through them.
Project Name: Ripen Start-Up Identity | Website: | Instagram:
Tina Pavelow

Tina is a multinational junior designer currently based South London. Her past career in advertising fuels her desire to move herself and her work away from the restraints of endless consumerism. Echoing art and pop culture, her visual language is subversive, impactful, and reflects the unique perspectives of her nomadic lifestyle.
Project Name: Elements Start-Up Identity | Website: | Instagram: @tinapavelow
Radha Mehta
Radha is a warm, outgoing person who is constantly looking for ways to make life more fun, positive and meaningful. She studied Economics as an undergraduate followed by a Masters in Indian philosophy. She is also a fully qualified chartered accountant and has trained extensively in Indian classical vocal music and RNB. A lover of design and aesthetics, she is extremely excited to explore the world of creative problem solving through graphic design, which she sees as a perfect way to use both sides of the brain! Her philosophy of life is simple - Play, love and never stop learning.
Project Name: Beansmith Coffee Packaging | Website: 
Natalia Lukasiewicz
After having studied modern languages in sunny Scotland and a few years working for a large tech company, Natalia decided to study yet another (this time more visual) language. As her day to day job is relatively technical (welcome to the world of digital!), embarking on the Shillington course gave her an opportunity to do something creative and inspiring. When it comes to her design work she has varying interests - from digital briefs that allow her to use her research and analytical skills to her love for print and quality packaging.
Project Name: Rove Bike Share Start-Up Identity | Website: | Instagram: @natalia._.lukas
Sach Bahia

Sach hasn’t had the most straightforward route into design. After studying biomedical science for three years and having aspirations of being a doctor he felt he wanted a career in something more creative. Two years into advertising bikes, computers and films he took the challenge of studying at Shillington and hasn't looked back since. The thrill of constantly perfecting a design allows Sach to challenge, innovate and experiment . He enjoys taking a brief and approaching it in a unconventional method.
Project Name: Kinnect Museum Branding | Website: | Instagram: @sachindesignsthings
Verity Anderson
Verity is a London-based junior designer. She graduated from the University of York in 2019 with a Masters in Art History, but has always had a more creative calling. She has been passionate about illustrating from a young age and this has eventually guided her towards a love for design. During her time at Shillington she has been able to expand her skills digitally, allowing her style to come through in bold, as well as more subtle, imagery. Her sources of inspiration range from early 20th century fashion plates to retro mangas, the styles of which are hinted at in some of her work.
Project Name: V&A Looks-For-Life Campaign | Website: | Instagram: @veritylanderson
Ben Chen​​​​​​​
Ben Chen is a graphic designer and website developer living in London. Interested in typography and interactions, he wants to create beautifully crafted digital products.
Project Name: Alta Candles Packaging | Website:
Leta Bernhoeft​​​​​​​

Leta is a Graphic Designer based in London. Having made the move to study Graphic Design after five years working in Marketing, she can finally put her creative ideas into practice and enjoys creating bespoke typography and illustrations. With such a thriving start-up and small business culture in London, she hopes to start a freelance career helping budding brands to create unique identities.
Project Name: Yard Museum Branding | Website: | Instagram: @letabernhoeft
Scarlett Down
Previously an oil portrait artist based in the rural sticks of Dorset, Scarlett moved to London and switched canvases for a career in digital. Eager to up-skill and learn more, Scarlett took on the challenging world of graphic design – bridging the gap between her two, once binary worlds of traditional and digital creation.
Project Name: Casual Work by Mango x Mathman Handmade Album Cover | Website:
Young Eun Cho-Imkampe
Young Eun is a user experience researcher and designer based in London.
In addition to UX, which is central to her belief system, she has always wanted to see things through the eyes of a visual designer. Shillington has filled her appetite to the brim with amazing professionalism to the extent she has not imagined.
Young Eun happily becomes oblivious to the rest of the world doing the activities as following; jumping into the nearest swimming pool (Covid permitting) wherever she is, growing edible plants in her balcony garden, and tuning into the (almost) perfect world of Aaron Sorkin.
Project Name: Sonority Editorial | Website:
Josh Edwards
Josh is a designer based in London. Originally working in a financial role in the city he decided he needed to pursue his love for the creative industry. Since then he has founded his own company called We Are Collective that focuses on creating film and photography for all brands big and small. He hopes to pair up his prior experience with his new found knowledge within the design world to create a new pillar of his business and continue to grow his style and skills.
Project Name: Origins by Jordan Rakei Handmade Album Cover | Website: | Instagram: @joshs__eyes
Alayna Hunte
Alayna: A stressed out Computer Science student before Shillington, and now a creatively charged Graphic Designer!

Alayna has always expressed herself creatively, whether it be through costume design, photography, music or excessive doodling… but always on the side. Finally with design at the forefront, Alayna is rearing to get involved in her next creative venture with people who share the same passion!
Project Name: Grind Magazine Editorial | Website: | Instagram: @a.okaydesign
Tessa Pakcan

Tessa is a Graphic Designer based in South London who pursued her passion for design after studying Education and Social Sciences at University College London (UCL). She has a unique background of working in the marketing department of educational charities and schools over the last 5 years. Her most recent project was the rebranding of an oversubscribed independent school in Wandsworth. She loves working with colour, illustrations and emotive photography to create original and eye-catching designs. In her free time she can be found in the garden with a glass of wine, exploring the English countryside or travelling.
Project Name: Plunge Co-Working Space Branding | Website: | Instagram:
Mollie Tearne
Mollie Tearne is a mixed media artist who trained in Print at The Royal College of Art. After completing her MA she went on to teach screen printing at the college. She not only works as an art instructor, but also as a chef thereby combining her two passions of food and collage. Shillington has helped her to translate the process of cutting, pasting and combining from the physical realm into the digital. The possibilities now seem endless and Mollie hopes to inform her design work with her fine art practice.
Project Name: The Pass Start-Up Identity | Website: | Instagram:
Lani Hunter
Lani is a London based Junior Graphic Designer with a love for design which stemmed through photography. She started her design career in late 2018, however with a growing desire to develop and grow her skillset she started at Shillington, graduating in July 2020. During her time at Shillington accompanied by work; Lani has built skills in all aspects of creative design, from the base process of taking a brief, to brainstorming, to the final design. She has a particular interest in digital and print design, where she encompasses natural elements to produce high quality, aesthetically pleasing work.
Project Name: Mole Museum of Espionage Branding | Website:
Michaela Mulvey
Michaela loves solving problems. She studied psychology, thinking that's what psychologists do. Turns out, she was wrong. Fortunately, after getting her degree, Michaela stumbled into the world of Graphic Design where she is now able to explore her love for strategic problem-solving in a visually creative way. These days, South African born Michaela is an in-house designer in the UK, working on personal projects in her spare time. Click on her link and pop her a message - who knows where it could lead!
Project Name: Morsed Start-Up Identity | Website: | Instagram: @mulvson
Emma Roper
Emma previously graduated from The London College of Fashion with a degree in Retail Branding and Visual Merchandising. She has worked as a Visual Merchandiser in both the UK and New Zealand and chose to study at Shillington to explore her creativity in a digital form. She is always eager to learn more and is excited to see where the skills she has learnt on the course will take her.
Project Name: Flock Start-Up Identity | Website: 
Ammara Isa

Growing up as a words-person, Ammara decided 2020 was the year of becoming a design-person. After working in marketing with several graphic designers, she had the light-bulb idea of ‘why don’t I just learn to do this myself?’ Having finished Shillington, she has discovered that being a word and design person is pretty cool. Anything to do with bold colours and typography she is your gal.
Project Name: Power Magazine Editorial | Website: | Instagram: @ammaraisadesigner
Charlotte Westlake 

Charlotte graduated with a Fine Art and History of Art degree in 2015. After this she got a bit distracted from her desire to pursue a design career and moved to France to play in the mountains for a couple of years. Charlotte has worked in TV and Film since returning to the UK, however graphic design has always been in the back of her mind. As if she could read the future, 2019/20 called as the perfect time to upskill and take on a new creative challenge by enrolling at Shillington.
Project Name: Falling Water by Maggie Rogers Handmade Album Cover | Website: | Instagram: @charlottefloraart
Venetia Lambrick

Venetia is a Junior Designer based in East London. Her path to Design took various detours; after studying English Literature and Drama at Sheffield she has worked in property for the last eight years. Forever curious, she has a passion for music, art and fashion which informs and influences her work.
Project Name: Switch Up Campaign| Website: | Instagram: @venetia_eliza_designs
Stephanie McDonald
Steph is a lighthearted, colourful Kiwi living her dream in London. With a curiosity and love for travel, her explorations around the globe have kitted her with an open mind, an appreciation for other cultures and miles of inspiration to channel into her design. Having a background in Primary School Teaching and Marketing, Steph has a great understanding of others and knows how to sell a good idea! Her dedication and passion is a winning combination that has seen her join forces with her partner in crime and start Salt Creatives.
Project Name: Starkers Hard Seltzer Packaging | Website:  | Instagram: @salt_creatives
Mark McKinley
Mark is a London based illustrator and designer. He studied illustration at the Cambridge School of Art and now draws and writes children’s picture books. Mark has a background in Photography and lives in Brixton where he also runs a photography studio. He loves bold, colourful design and enjoys being inspired by new and exciting creators.
Project Name: Castaway Jam Packaging | Website: | Instagram: @markmckinley_design
Natasha Aimée
...aka the creative chameleon.

Natasha is a multidisciplinary creative guided by her passion for sustainability, luxury, functionality and wandering the globe.

Coming from an art direction, styling and production background, entering into the realm of graphic design was a natural intuition to build on her creative journey.

Continuously evolving, developing and sprinkling a little bit of magic wherever she goes…
Project Name: HRM Space Centre Branding | Website:
Liam Welch

Finally listening to his inner voice telling him to find a creative outlet outside of a non-creative job, Liam embarked on Shillington to learn something new that could fuse together work and play. Visually orientated, Liam has always felt a connection to and intrigue with graphic design, making it a natural place to explore. You can usually find him cycling, drinking wine or, as of now, mucking around on Illustrator.
Project Name: Aimless Mindfulness Campaign | Website: | Instagram:
Manu Secouet
Manu is a junior graphic designer based in London and Kent. He once had a full-on career in the City but was always designing posters & doing screen-printing on the side. With Manu you will get a former project manager who will give you something unexpected, stylish and with a bit of French flair thrown in for good measure. He loves typography, illustration and using design to tell stories…oh, and not forgetting his dog Bonny too.
Project Name: Humans Museum Branding | Website: | Instagram: @manusecouet
Ellie Smale​​​​​​​
Ellie is an Aussie currently living in London. She has enjoyed an international dance career for over 10 years, and is also a Pilates Teacher. This year, she was daring enough to embark on a journey towards a career in graphic design. Ellie has loved the start of her design journey with Shillington, and is excited to continue developing her skills through work and personal projects.
Project Name: Pause Candle Packaging | Website: | Instagram:
Gregory Stansil
Greg with two Gs.
Project Name: Smoking Mountain Hot Sauce Packaging | Website:
Niamh Tulley
Niamh is a pub, pet and people person based in South London. With a background in Fine Art and jewellery making, she has a playful and experimental approach to design. Mark-making and tactility is often an important feature of her work marrying her artistic and conceptual practice with design problem-solving. She believes in a weird, wonderful, and eclectic approach to creativity and loves nothing more than to devour a big branding brief.
Project Name: Universal Fur Start-Up Identity | Website: | Instagram: @nini.studios
Eliza Welch

Eliza is an aspiring designer from North London who currently works in advertising. After graduating from the University of Leeds with a degree in English Literature, Eliza has always longed for a more creative outlet to embrace her passion for design. Before Shillington, Eliza was mostly self-taught and worked on her own personal projects and digital illustrations. In her spare time, she is also the proud owner of a rescue-chihuahua, an avid documentary-watcher, and keen traveller. Eliza is inspired by bold colour palettes and ambitious design that has the power to produce a lasting impact on its audience.
Project Name: Vertical Edge Magazine Editorial | Website: | Instagram:

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